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Wow, this song already got more plays than most of my other songs in less than a day, thanks guys! :D

So yeah, I'm back doing music after a short break from when my last album released, and I decided to release a new song, Evolve!

It's a sequel to my song Revolve, which is my all-time most downloaded, so I think you guys will like this one too :)

Also, I'm going to make a SoundCloud soon, and maybe start my YouTube up again, so watch out for that!


New Song - Prismalux!

2017-08-12 11:04:31 by TetroTunes

This one was already finished, so don't worry about it being bad quality because it looks like I made it in a day, but here it is, my newest song Prismalux! :)

You can listen to it here

Finally a new song! - Nova

2017-08-10 20:53:37 by TetroTunes

Hey guys!

Really excited to show you the new song I've been working on recently, it's not that long compared to my others, but I still really enjoyed making it and I think the final product turned out great!

You can check it out here


Hope you guys like this one, I put a LOT of work into it ;) Song here!

New song released! [Revolve]

2017-04-14 21:43:53 by TetroTunes

Put a lot of time into this one, and a hope you could all check it out here. ;)


2017-03-12 16:19:13 by TetroTunes

How does that song already have 7 Downloads like it's been 5 minutes



(Thanks, guys ;) )